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Open Polymer Active Learning Laboratory


Jobs are arranged below by levels, from Free Radicals to Polymer. If you’d like to apply for a job, please contact us with a short expression of interest (2-3 sentences are fine) and the name of the position from the list below. We will contact you to discuss the job. Also, if you think there SHOULD be a job in some category, let us know! 

Free radicals

Free radicals are unpaid Learning Associates who join OPALL to learn an instrument, a technique or an organizational role. Positions are always available. This is the perfect place to begin to use OPALL facilities and/or exercise your leadership wings. 


Molecules or Apprentices are familiar with the operation and safety of an instrument, a technique, a space or an organizational role. They are paid when doing something to improve OPALL (job) but not paid when doing personal research or coursework (joy). Apprentices are still learning, but they know enough to train others as well as take care of the labs. The following specific positions are available at Monomers level:

1) Human resource with a quick promotion to HR monomer
2) Web developer – proficient in WordPress or HTML+CSS+PHP+SQL
3) Web content creator – good at writing technical descriptions for users and the general public
4) Lab organizer – a sense of style and ergonomics to make OPALL an exemplary lab. 

5) Drone pilot/videographer – someone who can fly our new drone indoors or outdoors to introduce OPALL to clients and participants at all levels, plus persons who are familiar with Camtasia, Premier or equivalent, or willing to learn. 

6) Machinist: someone qualified to work in GT shops (Montgomery Machining Mall, Race Shop, etc.)

7) Carpenter: someone who wants to learn to use tools or already knows how to use tools. Typical tasks: hang shelves, re-route wiring, plumbing, basic electronics. 



Oligomers, also called Masters, have gained mastery over at least one instrument, technique or organizational role. They solve problems, perform regular maintenance, produce teaching materials, and write SOPs, for example. When working to improve OPALL, they are paid. When joyously following their own research interests or performing research for a class or other research group, they are not. The following positions are available: 

1) Capabilities by instrument or group of instruments; see our capabilities page and apply for a specific equipment
2) Human resource
3) Area manager(s). OPALL space is grouped according to type of activity (synthesis, preparation, optics, measurement) and safety level. Area managers know how everything works in a given space. 



Polymers, also called Builders, have mastery over one or several instruments or techniques to the extent that they can fix or build things for OPALL…or maybe design and construct new equipment never dreamed of elsewhere. They revise/update SOPs, dictate safety practices, improve teaching materials, go after the Inventure Prize, or launch Create-X projects to make new and better instruments as entrepreneurs. 

Polymer is an earned title. If you meet the requirements and want to work with OPALL, please contact us